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and no picks. >> unbelievable. as you can imagine, sports bars and restaurants throughout the dc area were packed with passionate and excited redskins fans. >> and most of the people were thrilled with the results from opening day. >> fantastic. rg iii is amazing. >> he can run, he can throw. what else can you ask for? >> reporter: what are your thoughts about rg iii? >> i think he will make a big difference in our game. hopefully now we will have more wins. >> plenty of hope abounding after yesterday's performance. could this be the beginning of something great? we'll see. in the big story for the weekend, some of our neighbors are still cleaning up from the strong storms which roll through much of our region. there were conflicting reports over when a tornado touched down in reston. >> the national weather service says there is no evidence of a tornado. sue rae chin has more.
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>> reporter: people describe parts of reston like a war zone. cars destroyed and one of the oldest parts of reston near lake ann. remarkably, no one was hurt. >> this seems to be the biggest area impacted so far in the county. >> reporter: making reston's clean up massive, randy sand stews in his driveway and watched the raging winds pummel his neighborhood on south shore drive. >> we had a big win coming this way and a big win like this and the whole thing was turning like this. everything that wasn't tied or fixed to something was in the air or moving like this. unbelievable. >> reporter: a neighbor's house, condemned. heavy equipment brought in this pluck huge trees off people's homes. >> reporter: other parts of reston had severe damage. neighbors say the woman inside got down the stairs just in
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time. >> she was shaking and so afraid. i told her i said you know what, i'm so sorry this is material things, i'm glad you are okay. >> reporter: reston may have been hit hardest with damaged homes, but falls church tallied the most outages. clean up crews circled fair faction county sunday while sand's home wasn't destroyed, he can't say the same for his pickup truck. >> just repair and keep moving on. >> reporter: a great attitude despite the loss for someone who hadn't recovered yet from the storm in june that damaged his roof. the new 2 x 4s lay on the ground, now covered in debris. >> i can't believe we went through all of this. it is horrible. >> reporter: the clean up is expected to take weeks, but we could see more injuries in the coming days as people try to assess and remove debris. that is why the deputy fire chief wants to remind folks to
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use extra cause. the national weather service surveyed places, but they are planning to look at the data once again today. we turn our attention to campaign 2012 and the race for the white house. president obama and mitt romney are raising a lot of money. president obama raised $111 million in august. he now has $170 million on hand to use for advertising and get out the vote operations. >> but for the first time in nearly four months the president out raised mitt romney. >> reporter: campaigning in florida sunday, president obama stopped at big apple pizza in fort pierce and ended up getting more than just a pie. giving the president a bear hug, scott van dueser, owner of the pizza shop says he is a registered republican who plans
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to vote for president obama. >> i don't vote party line. >> reporter: he is a voter in a key battle ground state, and president obama spent the past two days there, trying to drive home his point that mitt romney's economic plan is short on detail and will hurt the middle class. >> they couldn't answer questions about how they pay for $5 trillion in new tax cuts and $2 trillion in defense spending without raising classes on the middle class. >> romney won't say which tax loopholes he will close, but he insists the middle class won't shoulder the burden. >> i'm not going to increase the tax burden on middle income families. it would be wrong to do that. >> there is a race for cash and both campaigns moved full speed ahead in august. the president raised $114 million last month. a cash infusion that would keep
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ads throughout the election. >> if you are sick of hearing this message believe me, so am i. >> the president out raised the romney campaign, which raked in $111 million in august. the romney campaign now has $168 million in the bank. with the convention behind us there are no more limitations on how much romney can spend. >> romney launched 15 new ads targeted to swing state voters. susan mcginniss, cbs news, washington. a florida police officer in president obama's motorcade died following an accident yesterday afternoon. officer bruce st. laurent of jupiter police department was hit by a pickup truck as he was trying to stop traffic in west palm beach. the crash happened at the front of the motorcade. he was a 20 year veteran. there is no way to be sure that money intended to provide
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fuel to the afghan army isn't being used to help the insurgency. john fsaw says the 1. $1 billion program needs to be suspended. he also says such an audit may be impossible to complete because someone shredded more than four years worth of financial programs records for the program. more than 100 people were killed in bomb and gun attacks in iraq yesterday. no group has yet claimed responsibility for the killings. iraq's interior minister blamed al qaeda in iraq, he says the attacks are meant to provoke sectarian and deadly violence. the deadly blast came on the same day iraq's president was sentenced to death by hanging for masterminding death squads
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against his rivals. tomorrow will mark 11 years since the 9/11 attack. in a book detailing the major chapter in the war on terror is now a top seller in amazon. no easy day was written by a former navy seal who used the pen name mark owen. in an exclusive 60 minutes interview, the author talked about seal team 6. owen was in the helicopter that crashed the night of the raid. >> these pilots are the best in the world. tapeically, they move right in and stick it. it was like parking a car for these guys. and it was a rough ride. so something was obviously going on. tail rotor and everything happened to miss this wall here and then we were just kind of sliding and falling out of the sky this way. at this point pretty sure we were definitely going in. >> going to crash?
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>> yes. >> owen did not get permission from the white house the cia or the pentagon before he published this book. he could face legal action from the government. schools in chicago will be open today but the teachers will be absent. they will be walking the picket line today. talks broke down last night, ending months of negotiations. the district is offering a 2% pay raise over 4 years but the chicago teachers's union is seeking a 19% pay raise. the chicago school system has more students than fairfax, montgomery and prince george's counties combined. howard is back in two minutes to let us know if we need a jacket, believe it or not, before we head out the door. the rising price of super bowl advertising. you'll never guess how much 30
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seconds will cost some companies during the upcoming super bow . now, could smoking pot increase the risk of certain kinds of cancer? we'll have more on that, coming up at 4:52. >> you are watching 9news now.
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welcome back. 4:41. your weather first on this cool monday morning. lots of 50s out there this morning. it is a beautiful start to a beautiful day and a beautiful week. by lunch time 73. there could be a bit of a breeze at times today but humidity is going to be way down. high today 78. a lovely 74. i'll be back with the forecast in five minutes. northbound side of i 3-d 5,
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here's what it looks like on seminary road. down on duke street, northbound 35 at duke, be aware of that crews working. time for the first your money segment of the morning. >> jessica doyle is here, good morning jess. >> reporter: good morning to you both. happy monday. we are hoping it will be a great week on wall street. friday's disappointing jobs report has many betting the fed will take steps to jump start the economy, maybe another bond buying program to keep interest rates low and motivate business and his consumers to spend money. but critics are questioning how a bond buying program will actually get americans working again. the unemployment rate fell last month to 8. 1%. checking the numbers from wall street. the dow stands this morning at a five year high after adding more than 14 points friday.
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the nasdaq was flat. the weak economy isn't stopping some advertisers from paying big bucks to get their message out during the super bowl . cbs's ad slots for the main event in february already sold out and at record prices. a 30 second spot is selling for as much as $3.8 million. that is $300,000 more than last year. >> lots of interest in the super bowl this year. >> and do we really pay attention to the ads? >> well we do, but probably not after halftime. >> you are in a nacho coma after halftime. >> i eat a lot of nachos during the super bow . some much needed repair work on one of the area's most
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heavily traveled bridges, next.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. 4:46, it was all football and then there was faith hill, so that is what the guys are talking about. >> oh, my. peyton manning coming back. >> she sang very well. >> she is a good american. a beautiful voice. will the kids need a little light jacket at the bus stop? >> they may need a sweatshirt. some areas are down close to 50. tomorrow could be just a tad cooler out there. after a long, hot summer, we finally get a nice break from that. fall has arrived at least for a few days here before we warm up to the second half of the week. here is your bus stop forecast, got the day planner up. i have got the right show loaded. oh i have done it to myself
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haven't i this morning? we have got the day planner showing you here and i'm going to get to the right show. just hang on here. it is a beautiful day nonetheless, temperatures are going to be climbing into 70s today. there is our bus stop forecast. we have got clear and cool conditions this morning. 50s and 60s to start. sunrise look is not until 6:00. day planner what a great day we have for you. by lunch time we are in the low 70s here. north winds 10, 11 miles per hour, they could be just a bit of a breeze but the humidity is way down. it is going to be comfortable, really comfortable this afternoon. 76 at 4:00, probably up to 78 for the high with a 71-degree reading. it is going to be great, in fact this morning it is going to be great for this morning run in
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gaithersburg. 50 in cumberland this morning. thanks to the bay temperatures being way up. locally we have got lots of 50s like rockville at 57, same with bowie this morning. 59 in springfield, fairfax. sterling holding on to 60. outside on our michael and son weather cam, clear skies, good looking capitol dome there. chilly tonight, upper 40s in the outer suburbs. tomorrow looks great as well, temperatures again mid to upper 70s, we could see a little bit of rain by the weekend. a quick look at temperatures before we get to the forecast, still some heat here in the middle of the country, new england through the mid- atlantic today 60s and 70s. so the forecast, got a great day today, 78. upper 40s to upper 50s.
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tomorrow 7, wednesday a little warmer, 84 degrees as you look at the rest of the week, we'll be in the mid-80s through the rest of the week. 4:49, here comes monika samtani. all of your overnight construction pretty much cleared up for the morning. including on the beltway here north of town good from college park into bethesda. the american legion bridge on the west side of town past 270 to this point you can see all lanes are open and a tiny bit of volume here. no big degrees into tyson's corner. all lanes are open through here, beltway through prince george's county looks good to andrews air force base and one more last live look outside. route 50 coming in from
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davidsonville, inbound, again and i will be back with more traffic at 4:55. but if your commute takes you over memorial bridge into arlington, you will want to allow extra time to your destination. that is because, beginning tomorrow, construction crews will begin repair projects on the bridge and drivers should expect temporary lane closures and delays until november. monday through friday and weekend work begins friday evening at 7:00 and that will last until monday at 5:00 a.m. last friday we learned the u.s. economy added only 96,000 jobs in august, about 30,000 fewer than economists were expecting. >> a new cnn money survey reveals the number one county for the nation in job growth, right here in our backyard.
4:51 am
>> in undisclosed locations in virginia lies one of our areas best economic growth. data centers. >> the information travels over the internet to get there and our job is to ensure the infrastructure in which that date ta resides and sends to you is secure 24/7. >> reporter: this is a key stop along a well paved road. it already employs 140 and is growing. >> a lot of skilled labor, a very educated, skilled work force. >> reporter: add to that the fact that more than half the world's internet traffic goes through lowdon county and that has meant an 83% increase in jobs here. >> everybody says wow, i didn't know that. >> checks to 43 cities, anytime
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at dulles. that is a big attraction. >> reporter: data center alley is just 25 miles from the white house and beyond the bomb proof data center vaults and armed guards, residents say lowdon county is a great place to live. >> researchers at the university of north carolina found older kids who are overweight eat fewer calories than normal weight children. obese youngsters eat more when they are young, but when they reach adolescence they tend to remain obese, they are less active. researchers at the university of california found men who use marijuana on a regular basis were tries as likely to develop -- the
4:53 am
disease. testicular cancer is the most common cancer in men under age 45. time for the question of the morning now. only 38% of americans have ever used one of these. is it the rotary telephone, a typewriter or an answering machine? >> what do you think? leave your response and we'll have the answer in our 6:00 show. stay with us.
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welcome back. 4:55. your weather first on this cool monday morning. it is going to be a gorgeous day today, just a bit of a breeze at times. look at these temperatures, by 11:00 only 71. lunch time temperatures in the low 70s. about 4:00 or so we should have a high of 78. plans this evening gorgeous and
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75 at 5:00 p.m. monika, over to you. on the northbound side of i-95 and 395, if you are planning to head over toward seminary road, no problems to the 14th street bridge, all lanes are open. all construction on the southbound side of i-95 down toward route 17 has been cleared up as well. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 5:01. sunday was the perfect day for the popular adams morgan day street festival. it was first held in 1978 and is now the longest continuing festival in dc. lots of great food and local art work for sale. the festival is a great day for the entire neighborhood and for the city. >> only in adams morgan can you get this kind of diversity. everybody is out, you have food from everywhere in the world, people from everywhere in the world and again, they all get along. >> organizers say the festival
4:57 am
usually attracts about 25,000 people every year. no exact count for this year so far. emma watson tops the list of the most dangerous celebrities to search online. the harry potter star is used most often to trick people into downloading malicious software or to steal personal information. when searching for the 22-year-old watson there is a one in eight chance of landing on a malicious site. other names on the list, eva mendez, selina gomez, and jimmy kimmel. >> it will end up in a routine on his show. you know that. maybe it was football or maybe it was the great weather but this weekend will go down as a box office bust. according to this weekend is the lowest grossing weekend of 2012. last weekend's number one film, the possession, held onto the top spot but took in less than $10 million.
4:58 am
the new release the words rounded out the top three with the premiere weekend total of just $5 million. a star studded premiere in toronto over the weekend. >> and taylor swift releases a new song. teresa garcia has those stories and more in this look at entertainment. >> reporter: tom hanks and his co-stars in the movie cloud atlas attended the world premiere at the toronto international film festival saturday night. hanks takes on six different identities in the drama, which spans from the 1st century to the future. >> who am i again? the fourth time i read words on the page, i said oh. oh. >> reporter: the movie also stars hue grant and is based on david mitchell's best selling novel. justin timberlake is trying to buy the memphis grizzlies.
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the nba has yet to approve the deal. taylor swift has a new song out on itunes. swift wrote the song in honor of a three-year-old cancer victim after reading a blog written by the boy's mother. >> swift performed the song for the first time on friday's stand up to cancer telethon. new on dvd tomorrow, snow white and the huntsman. and that is your eye on entertainment. teresa garcia, cbs news, los angeles. >> i liked that movie. good morning and thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> and i'm mike haiduk.

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